001PaperIn personOn non uniform weight Sobolev space Yusuf ZerenTürkiye
002PaperIn personSolvability in the small and Schauder-type estimates for higher order elliptic equations in Banach-Sobolev spacesŞeyma ÇETİNTürkiye
003PaperIn personApproximative Properties of Perturbed Exponential System in Orlicz SpacesFeyza Elif DALTürkiye
004PaperIn personOn the completeness and minimality in the space  L_p
(0,π) of a weighted system of sines with a power-law weight with an excluded arbitrary element
Kader ŞİMŞİR ACARTürkiye
005PaperIn personAnalytical approximate solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations of fractional order via a novel fractional variational iteration methodMd. ASADUZZAMANBangladesh
006PaperIn personApplied Mathematical Physics: Solving Real-World ProblemsSeyyed Ali MOHAMMADIYEHIran Islamic Republic
007PaperIn personPartial Differential Equations and ApplicationsSamed ALIYEVAzerbaijan
008PaperIn personA Mathematical Model for the Breast Cancer Diagnosis and its Prognosis using Fuzzy Expert SystemSanjev KUMARIndia
009PaperIn personProbability in Mathematical Physics: Theory and ApplicationsSeyyed Ali MOHAMMADIYEHIran Islamic Republic
010PaperOnlineAn inverse coefficient problem for a two-dimensional hyperbolic equation with integral overdeterminationElvin AZIZBAYOVAzerbaijan
011PaperIn personThermoelastic laminated Timoshenko beam withFares YAZİDAlgeria
012PaperIn personOn the exponential stability of the stationary and
perturbed implicit equations
Nor-El-Houda BeghersaAlgeria
013PaperOnlineOn the basis property of eigenfunctions of the
indefinite Sturm-Liouville problem in Lebesgue spaces
Telman GasymovAzerbaijan
014PaperOnlineSome Combinatorial Results for the Hyperoctahedral GroupHasan ArslanTürkiye
015PaperOnlinePower Series Statistical Convergence of Cheney-Sharma Operators Emre GÜVENTürkiye
016PaperOnlineOn the strong solvability of a nonlocal boundary value
problem for the Laplace equation in a rectangular domain
Telman GasymovAzerbaijan
017PaperIn personZero-Hopf bifurcation of fourth-order quadratic polynomial differential systems,
via averaging theory of third order
El Ouahma BendibAlgeria
018PaperIn personDynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations and ApplicationsMerve YücelTürkiye
019PaperOnlineOn two sequential hybrid fractional q-differential inclusionsMohammad Esmael SameiIran
020PaperOnlineFinite element method contact problem with frictionMohamed DalahAlgeria
021PaperIn personOn Modification of Hirota Method Through Transition
Between Parameters
Sukri KharengTürkiye
022PaperIn personNumerical Analysis Applied to Stiffened Shell Structures Djamal HamadıAlgeria
023PaperIn personNumerical Investigation of Free Rotor Aerodynamics for
Ship-Rotor Interaction
Sarih SariTürkiye
Said MazouzAlgeria
025PaperIn personAdaptation of Some Graceful Graph Labeling Methods to
Combinatorial Block Designs
Dilara ErdemirTürkiye
026PaperOnlineA Novel Numerical Manner for Non-Linear Coupled Variable Order Reaction-Diffusion EquationMohd KashifIndia
027PaperOnlineScattering analysis of Sturm-Liouville differential equation with sign-changing weightMerve GörgülüTürkiye
028PaperIn personChildhood Cancer Risk Analysis with Integrated Decision-Making MethodMurat KirişciTürkiye
029PaperFinite volume method for Seawater intrusion problem in
Porous Media
Noura DjedaidiAlgeria
030PaperOnlineOn basicity a system of eigenfunctions of a second
order discontinuous differential operator in Lebesgue spaces
Alirza Akhmedov Azerbaijan
031PaperOnlineExistence of Solutions to Fuzzy Stochastic
Differential Equations
Marek T. MalinowskiPoland
032PaperOnlineEmbedding the stationary spacetimes into Brans-Dicke
cosmology via conformal transformations
Dilek KazıcıTürkiye
034PaperOnlineThe application of expansive mappings to the existence problemsDariusz WardowskiPoland
035PaperIn PersonOn the some relations ship between positive and positive p-summing operatorsAbndelmoumen TIAIBAAlgeria
036PaperOnlineInvestigation of Hadamard Fractional Differential InclusionsHabib DjourdemAlgeria
037PaperIn PersonDynamical Systems and Ordinary Differential Equations and ApplicationsSelmani WissameAlgeria
038PaperIn personDifferent Versions of Dirichlet Problems for Laplace
equation in Non-standard Function Spaces
Bilal BilalovAzerbaijan
039PaperOnlineSolution in the Small and Interior Schauder-type
Estimate for the m-th Order Elliptic Operator in Morrey-Sobolev
Sabina SadigovaAzerbaijan
040PaperOnlineInverse Scattering Problem for the Schrödinger Equation with an Additional Growing Potential on the Entire AxisAgil KHANMAMEDOVAzerbaijan
041PaperOnlineStability and stabilization of the implicit differential equations in Hilbert spacesNor-El-Houda BeghersaAlgeria
042PaperIn PersonA Novel Alternative Algorithm to Find All Multiple
Solutions of General Integer Linear Programs
Kadriye Şimşek AlanTürkiye
043PaperIn PersonA Novel Alternative Algorithm for Solving Integer Linear Programming ProblemsKadriye Şimşek AlanTürkiye
044PaperIn PersonPre & Post Pandemic Formative Assessments
Methodologies to Improve Mathematics Learning for University Students
Diana AudiUnited Arab Emirates
045PaperOnlineBasicity of sine-cosine systems in grand Lebesgue spaceTural HagverdiAzerbaijan
046PaperIn PersonSome Improvement of Berezin Radius inequalities via Specht's RatioHamdullah BaşaranTürkiye
047PaperOnlineDRBEM solutions of singularly perturbed MHD flow in a square duct with variably conducting and no-slip/slipping walls Sinem Arslan ÖlçerTürkiye
048PaperOnline Results on Eigenvalue Problems of NonLinear Conformable Fractional Differential Equations Şuayip TopraksevenTürkiye
049PaperOnlineAlmost Shortest Paths: To Alternate Routes for Security Reasons in GraphsGökçe ÇAYLAK KAYATURANTürkiye
050PaperOnlineOn covered quasi hyperideals in SemihypergroupsAli ShahnawazIndia
051PaperOnlineSoft Fractional Ideals and Soft Star-Operations of Integral DomainsTasaduk Rashid MirIndia
052PaperOnlineA study on T-Magnetic CurvesŞerife Nur BozdağTürkiye
053PaperOnlineA Bound Set of Chaotic Satellite System and Its Application in Chaos SynchronizationShadab AliIndia
054PaperIn PersonHigh Order Numerical Approach for Solving the Modified Equal Width EquationEmre KırlıTürkiye
055PaperOnlineExistence and decay of solutions for a fourth-order hyperbolic equation with a variable coefficientsAyşe FidanTürkiye
056PaperOnlineBlow up solutions for a fourth-order parabolic equation with variable exponentsGülistan ButakınTürkiye
057PaperOnlineChelyshkov Polynomials with Applications in Approximation TheoryImran TalibPakistan
058PaperIn PersonA Note About Pseudospectrum Of The Tensor Product OperatorFatih YILMAZTürkiye
059PaperIn PersonPrediction of HIV-1 Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Resistance with Artificial Neural NetworksSumeyye YilmazTürkiye
060PaperIn PersonMechanistic Modelling of Contact Tracing and Isolation PoliciesEsra Ozge ASANTürkiye
061PaperOnlineSome New Results of Weighted Generalized Norlund-Euler Statistical ConvergenceEkrem AljimiKosovo
062PaperIn PersonMachine Learning Models in the Diagnosis of Alzheimer DiseaseFatma Nur BudakTürkiye
063PaperIn PersonA Local Taylor Series Method for Non-linear Singular boundary Value ProblemsEsra ÇelikTürkiye
064PaperOnlineUpper bounds for blow up of solutions for a fourth-order parabolic equation with viscoelastic termGülistan ButakınTürkiye
065PaperIn PersonSoliton Solutions of the (3+1)-dimensional Generalized Kadomtsev-Petviashvili EquationMelih CINARTürkiye
066PaperIn PersonThe Inverse Strum-Liouville Problem With One Of The boundary Conditions Including EigenvalueAYŞEGÜL KILIÇTürkiye
067PaperOnlineOn Solution of Some Differential Equations Using Bicomplex TransformationsSULE CURUKTürkiye
068PaperOnline"Inequalities of Hermite-Hadamard-Mercer Type for Twice
Differentiable Functions with Applications"
Talip HussaınPakistan
069PaperOnlineConstructing Lyapunov Functions for Delay Reaction
Diffusion Systems and Application
Fatiha NajmMorocco
070PaperOnline On a class of nonlocal porous medium equations of Kirchhoff typeUğur SertTürkiye
071PaperOnlineEffect of Caputo-Fabrizo Dertivative on Scabies ModelEsmehan UçarTürkiye
072PaperOnlineExistence of solutions for impulsive fractional boundary value problem with p-Laplacian via critical point theoryAmina BoucennaAlgeria
073PaperOnlineExistence and uniqueness of solutions for p-Laplacian fractional boundary value problem on the half-lineAmira RouaghiAlgeria
074PaperOnlineBasicity of double system of exponents with linear phase in the weighted Lebesgue spaceNatavan NasibovaAzerbaijan
075PaperOnline"verse Boundary Problem for Construction of the Right
Side in a Third Order Two-Dimensional Pseudohyperbolic Equation."
Rena SadikhzadaAzerbaijan
076PaperOnlineOn Some Different Representations of q-Catalan Numbers and Their Sums KABULZehra Betül GürTürkiye
077PaperOnlineStatistical Convergence of Asymmetric Metric Valued Sequences With Deferred Cesàro MeanZeynep Hande ToyganözüTürkiye
078PaperOnlineOn Left Derivations of Generalized Matrix AlgebrasŞeymanur AydınTürkiye
079PaperOnlineFundamental Concepts in Variable Lebesgue Spaces Associated with Laplace-Bessel Differential OperatorZeynep TercanTürkiye
080PaperOnlineConstruction of the asymptotics of the system of fundamental solutions for a class of unusual equationsUlviya ISKANDAROVAAzerbaijan
081PaperOnlineNabla Caputo Type q-fractional difference operators and their propertiesTaylan DemirTürkiye
082PaperOnlineApplications of q-Mittag Leffler function on q-fractional differential operatorsTaylan DemirTürkiye
083PaperIn Person Risk Assessment of Autonomous Vehicles in terms of Public HealthMurat KirişçiTürkiye
084PaperOnlineNeutrosophic Statistical Analysis of Temperatures of
Cities in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey
Hacer Şengül kandemirTürkiye
085PaperIn PersonThe Exact Solutions of Some Difference Equations via
Narayana Numbers
Zeynep AkmeşeTürkiye
086PaperOnlineRegular and Semiregular HypermodulesYıldız AydınTürkiye
087PaperOnlineAlternative Solution Method for Matrix Games with Fuzzy GoalsEsra SOSLUTürkiye
088PaperOnlineLie Group Property of Generalized Linear Deformation TransformationFatih TUĞRULTürkiye
El Amir DjeffalAlgeria
090PaperOnlineSome Existence Theorems for Solutions of Set-Valued
Optimization Problems with Respect to Various Set Order Relations
İlknur Atasever GüvençTürkiye
091PaperOnlineSpectral Analysis of a Singular Dissipative
Third-Order Differential Operator
Ekin UğurluTürkiye
092PaperOnlineFekete-Szegö Problem for Certain Subclasses of Analytic Functions Associated with The Combination of Differential OperatorsAdem kızıltepeTürkiye
093PaperOnlineMajorization Properties for a Subclass of Analytic Function of Complex OrderAdem kızıltepeTürkiye
094PosterOnlineDoubly Diffracted Fields Stimulated by Non-symmetrical Edges at the JunctionAlara SERHANTürkiye
095PaperOnlineExistence of Real Models of K3-surfaces in Arithmetical TermsÇisem Güneş AktaşTürkiye
096PaperOnlineBanach Hardy classes and some PropertiesVafa AliliAzerbajian
097PaperOnlineDRBEM Solution of MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct under Axially-changing External Magnetic FieldElif Ebren KayaTürkiye
098PaperOnlineExistence and nonexistence results of a fifth-order BVPNourredine HouariAlgeria
099PaperIn PersonExponential, Logarithmic and Trigonometric Functions on Split Quaternions and Their CharacterizationsHAMİDE FEYZA AYKUTTürkiye
100PaperIn PersonSplit Quaternion SequencesSena Nur AktaşTürkiye
101PaperOnlineGauss Decomposition of Z_3-Graded Quantum Group (GL) _q (2)Öztürk SavaşTürkiye
102PaperOnlineTwo-Weighted Inequalities for Some Classical Operators and Their Commutators in the Modified Morrey SpacesAbdulhamit KucukaslanTürkiye
103PaperOnlineA New Note on Summability of Infinite Series and Fourier SeriesMehmet Öner ŞakarTürkiye
104PaperOnlineStancu-Type Generalized q-Bernstein-Ksntorovich Operators Involving Bezier BasesMd. NasiruzzamanSaudi Arabia
105PaperOnlineBlow up of solutions for a logarithmic Petrovsky equation with damping term Yavuz DİNÇTürkiye
106PaperOnlineNumerical Solution of Second-order Partial Voletrra Integro Differential Equations Via Taylor Collocation MethodCheima KhennaouiAlgeria
107PaperIn Person Solution of Composite Beam With Periodical Curvature By Finite Difference Method Under Uniform LoadingsFatma Saydam AkmanTürkiye
108PaperOnlineNew Triangular q-Fibonacci Matrix and Its ApplicationsKoray İbrahim AtabeyTürkiye
109PaperOnlineBounded finite-time stabilizing positional controls via the controllability function as motion timeAbdon Choque-RiveroMexico
110PaperOnlineA Note on Singular Integral Operators Associated with Laplace-Bessel Differential Operator in Variable Lorentz SpaceEsra KayaTürkiye
111PaperOnlineRecursive Estimation of the Conditional Distribution Function on Riemannian ManifoldsAbdelkader BOUADJEMIAlgeria
112PaperOnlineNovel Tempered Fractional Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities via n-polynomial Uniformly Convex Functions with ApplicationArtion KashuriAlbania
113PaperIn PersonRevenue Maximization For Polynomial Demand Function Using Interval-Valued Trapezoidal Fuzzy NumbersISMAIL TEMBELOTürkiye
114PaperOnlineConformal Mapping Preserving the Z-Symmetric Tensor on a Riemannian ManifoldAyşe YAVUZ TAŞCITürkiye
115PaperOnlineGraphs of Bitonic AlgebrasŞule Ayar ÖZBALTürkiye
116PaperIn PersonOn boundedness of the Riesz potential and its commutators in local Orlicz-Morrey type spacesTurgumbayev MenlybayKazakhstan
117PaperOnlineSome Fixed-Point Theorems for Continuous FunctionsYunus AtalanTürkiye
118PaperOnlineOn a Scattering Problem for Discontinuous Second Order Differential Operators with Herglotz Function of Spectral Parameter in Boundary ConditionAynur ÇölTürkiye
119PaperIn PersonNumerical investigation of Stiff Epidemiological ModelsEmel KurulTürkiye
120PaperOnlineOn k- Oresme Hybrid PolynomialsElifcan SayınTürkiye
121PaperOnlineOn a New Type Gaussian SequencesEce Gulsah ColakTürkiye
122PaperOnlineLevinson-Type Formula for Sturm-Liouville Operator with a Raitonal Function of Spectral Parameter in Boundary ConditionAynur ÇölTürkiye
123PaperOnlineThe Marchenko Method for the Derivative NLS EquationMehmet ÜnlüTürkiye
124PaperOnlineSequential T_3 (regular Hausdorff) SpacesTunçar ŞahanTürkiye
125PaperOnlineSome Basic Results on Groups up to Congruence RelationsTunçar ŞahanTürkiye
126PaperIn PersonOn the Factorial of Split QuaternionsEdanur ErgülTürkiye
127PaperOnline On Evolution Equations and Operator Semigroups in Banach SpacesSamet KarasuTürkiye
128PaperOnlineExponential Graph ResolventAli ShukurIraq
129PaperOnlineProblems of mathematical education in the curriculum in the Caucasian countriesShahin AghazadeAzerbaijan
130PaperOnlineExistence and blow up of solutions for a viscoelastic Petrovsky equation with varaible exponents Nebi YılmazTürkiye
131PaperOnlineA Tauberian Theorem for the Weighted Mean Summability Method of Double Sequences in Ordered SpacesZerrin Önder ŞentürkTürkiye
132PaperOnlineEffects of Musics Composed Using Mathematical Methods and DNA On the EEG Frequency Bands of Healthy IndividualsKayra Ege AltunTürkiye
133PaperOnlineStatistical Convergence of Sequences of Sets of Order (α, β )Sunil K. SharmaIndia
134PaperOnlineA Relation between Bosbach State Operator and Very True OperatorIbrahim SENTURKTürkiye
135PaperOnlineSS-Injective ModulesEmine Önal KırTürkiye
136PaperOnlinePseudo-implication and fuzzy ideals in Bl-algebrasManal Abdullah AlqahtanyYemen
137PaperOnlineDynamics and Hopf Bifurcation of a Sustainable Tourism Model with Time DelayBünyamin KurtkayaTürkiye
138PaperOnlineWeighted Hardy's Inequality Revisited Tuğçe Ünver YıldızTürkiye
139PaperOnlinePeriodicity and Stability in the Kaldor Model of Economics with Impulse EffectsDiğdem ŞenTürkiye
140PaperOnlineParabolic Fractional Integral Operators with Rough Kernels in Parabolic Local Generalized Morrey SpacesShemsiyye MuradovaAzerbaijan
141PaperOnlineA New Function Type in Grill Minimal Spaces and its PropertiesFerit YalazTürkiye
142PaperIn PersonExistence and Uniqueness of the strong Soluiton of the Time fractional integro-differential equation with integral boundary conditionsAhcene MeradAlgeria
143PaperOnlineDependence of Eigenvalues of Dirac Systems on the DataEkin UğurluTürkiye
144PaperOnlineFractional Mathieu-Duffing System with the stability condition and chaos control Shiva EshaghiIran
145PaperOnlineBifurcation analysis and complex dynamics of a New Fractional System Shiva EshaghiIran
146PaperOnlineOn frame properties of iterates of a multiplication operatorAydin ShukurovAzerbaijan
147PaperIn PersonGlobal solvability of the Laplace equation in weighted Sobolev spacesSalvatore TramontanoItaly
148PaperIn PersonA New Method About Finding Square Root of Perfect Square NumbersAli DeğirmenciTürkiye
149PaperOnlineOn the solution of the mixed problem posed for a class of equations degenerated by the typeVagif MASTALIYEVAzerbaijan
150PaperOnlineFixed Point Theory and SummabilityMd HasanuzzamanIndia
151PaperOnlineComputational Analysis of Degree-Based Topological Descriptors of Triphenylene Benzenoid SystemMOHAMMED SAAD AL-SHARAFITürkiye
152PaperOnlineAdomian decomposition method to Solve the second order ordinary differential equations with constant coefficientYahya Qaid HasanYemen
153PaperOnlineBlending type Approximations of Sz´asz-Mirakjan operators depending on parameter λMohd RaizIndia
154PaperOnlineCompilation of Method for Solving Partial Differential Equations of the First-Order by the Adomian Decomposition MethodMubark RaanaYemen
155PaperIn PersonQuasilinear parabolic equations with partialy VMO coefficientsRosamaria RescignoItaly
156PaperOnline" Some applications of Krasnosel'skii's theorem for
multi-valued operators"
Müberra SelahTürkiye
157PaperOnlineRegular and Semiregular HypermodulesMatlab Salimov
158PaperOnlineImpact of large claims on the stability bound of a bivariate risk modelSafia Hocine
159PaperOnlineStudy of nonlinear partial fractional boundary value problemBouteraa NoureddineAlgeria
160PaperOnlineOn Λ-fractional variational calculusKonstantinos Lazopoulos
162PaperOnlineAssessment of Bank Liquidity Risk With Artificial
Neural Networks
Sinem Kübra KösenTürkiye
163PaperOnlineBernstein type operators on elliptic domain and their interpolation propertiesMOHAMMAD ILIYASIndia
164PaperOnlineBasicity of the double exponential system in weighted
Lebesgue space
Aysel GuliyevaAzerbaijan
165PaperOnlineSeveral characterizations of the Bessel functions and their applicationsMahvish AliIndia
166PaperOnline Multiple pursuers and one evader in a pursuit differential game with Gronwall-type constraintsOmongul EgamberganovaMalaysia
168PaperOnlineA note on constrained multivariate linear model and its reduced modelsMelek Eriş BüyükkayaTürkiye
169PaperIn PersonNew Auxiliary Filled Function without Parameter for Solving Optimization ProblemsMuhammad Wasim AwanTürkiye
170PaperOnlineSelf Adaptive inertial Yosida approximation iterative algorithms for split variational inclusion and fixed point problemsMohammad DilshadSaudi Arabia
171PaperOnlineOn Harmonic Summability of Difference Sequences of Fractional OrderNazlım Deniz AralTürkiye
172PaperOnlineOn qualitative properties of some nonuniform elliptic equationsFarman MamedovAzerbaijan
173PaperOnlineSemi Global Domination Number in Product Fuzzy GraphsHaifa AhmedYemen
174PaperOnlineApproximation by nonlinear Lupas type Bernstein operator of Max-Product kindMohd Shanawaz MansooriIndia
175PaperOnlineAn explicit Milstein-type scheme for interacting particle systems and McKean-Vlasov SDEs with common noise and non-differentiable drift coefficientsSANI BISWASIndia
176PaperOnlineNew approach to the generalization of
Hardy-Littlewood integral inequalities on time scale
Lütfi AkınTürkiye
177PaperOnlineData Dependence Result for a New Iterative AlgorithmSamet MaldarTürkiye
178PaperIn PersonSome Results on b_3-subbalancing NumbersSelin SarıTürkiye
179PaperOnlineDynamics of Discretized Rosenzweig-MacArthur predator-prey model with a Holling type II functional response for constant immigrationPradeep MalikIndia
180PaperOnlineApproximation on Bivariate of Durrmeyer operator based on beta functionRuchi RajawatIndia
181PaperOnlineSolution of Nonlinear Integral Equations by Generalized Contractive ConditionShiv Kant TiwariIndia
182PaperIn PersonHardy-Littlewood maximal function on Locally compact Abelian groups Ani OzbetelashviliGeorgia
183PaperOnlineA Compact Finite Difference Method for Fractional Equation Based on Caputo Derivative: Codes Matlab ISSAM BENDIBAlgeria
185PaperOnlineTrace formula for differential equation with coefficient containing first degree polynomial depending on spectralHajar MovsumovaAzerbaijan
BOUADJEMI AbdelkaderAlgeria
187PaperOnlineSome Questions of Harmonic Analysis in Weighted Morrey Type SpacesSAMIA BIBIMalaysia
188PaperOnlineDescribtion of domains of definition of fractional
powers of a second –order differential operator with integral boundary
Telman GasymovAzerbaijan
189PaperOnlineA new type algorithm for finding a common solution of Cayley inclusion and J-fixed point problem in Hilbert SpacesQBA RAFATIndia
190PaperOnlineBoundedness and Compactness of Commutators for Riesz Potential on Local Morrey-type spacesDauren MatinKazakhstan
191PaperOnlineModular Grad-Div Stabilization for Linearly Extrapolated Blended Three-Step Differentiation Scheme for the Incompressible Natural ConvectionMerve AkTürkiye
192PaperOnlineOn non-increasing rearrangement of generalized fractional maximal functionAzhar AbekKazakhstan
193PaperIn PersonOn basicity of the system of eigenfunctions for a discontinuous spectral problem in variable exponent Lebesgue spaceFatih ŞirinTürkiye
194PaperOnlineThree weighted inequality for a superposition of some operatorsZhadyra YerniyashovaKazakhstan
195PaperIn PersonOn the recursive sequenceBurak OğulTürkiye
196PaperOnlineOn strong solvability of the Dirichlet problem for a class of semilinear elliptic equationsShehla SalmanovaAzerbaijan
197PaperOnlineOn the bilinear Riesz potential and its commutators on generalized Orlicz-Morrey spacesZhanat ZhuldassovKazakhstan
198PaperOnlineSolving A Simple harmonic oscillator equation by Adomian decomposition MethodMohammed MohsenYemen
199PaperOnlineOptimal Linear Approximation and Isometric ExtensionsAlexandr KushpelTürkiye
200PaperOnlineMinkowski difference and sum of half planesJalolxon NuritdinovUzbekistan
201PaperOnline An Algorithm for Relaxing Multicurves on Small Genus Non-Orientable SurfacesAbdullah BAYKALTürkiye
203PaperIn PersonEffects of Musics Composed Using Mathematical Methods and DNA On the EEG Frequency Bands of Healthy IndividualsKayra Ege AltunTürkiye
204PaperIn PersonLogic and Mathematical Aspects of Computer ScienceŞerif Efe DARTARTürkiye
205PaperOnlineKorovkin-type theorems and their statistical versions in the weighted grand-Lebesgue spaces without Muckenhoupt conditionCEMİL KARAÇAMTürkiye